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Relationships hold an important place in our lives. If your relationships are not going well for you, this can intrude on many areas of your life. This can occur in relationships with your partner / spouse, sibling, parent, friend, or work colleagues.

In addition to this, the loss of a relationship such as a break up can be painful. Often times the negative impact that a relationship is having on us can be undermined. Nancy has worked with varying relationship difficulties in her practice in Dungarvan. 

Relationship Issues
  • Trust Issues

  • Communication problems

  • Infidelity

  • Sexual problems

  • Arguments 

  • Anger

  • Financial pressure

  • Loss of closeness / passion

  • Isolation 

  • Stress / Depression

If you are experiencing difficulties in any of the aforementioned areas and would like to explore them in a safe non-judgemental environment please contact Nancy at her practice in Dungarvan. 

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