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Loss & Bereavement 

Loss through death can have a tremendous impact of the bereaved. Every aspect of the self is affected - physically you have a loss of energy; your inner world is thrown into chaotic turmoil; your relationships may also suffer as you may withdraw isolate yourself.


This sense of loss may also be experienced through separation or divorce, ill health, unemployment / retirement, loss of a future plan or loss of identity through depression or difficult circumstances.

This sense of loss may result in some of the following;
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Fear of dying
  • Low-mood / Depression
  • Denial 
Benefits of Counselling 

Nancy offers counselling to those suffering from loss or bereavement in her practice in Dungarvan. Counselling allows for the individual to work through difficult emotions and feelings which come with loss - while having the support of Nancy. 

Counselling during bereavement allows for the development of coping strategies to deal with depression and anxiety around the loss.

If you are experiencing difficulties in any of the aforementioned areas and would like to explore them in a safe non-judgemental environment please contact Nancy at her practice in Dungarvan. 

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