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Supervision is a formal arrangement for Counsellors/Psychotherapists to regularly discuss their work with someone experienced in Counselling/Psychotherapy and Supervision.

The task is to work together to ensure and develop the efficacy of the Counsellor/Psychotherapist/Client relationship. The agenda will be the Counsellor/Psychotherapist’s work, with the Supervisor’s reactions and comments. Supervision is a process to maintain adequate standards of Counselling/Psychotherapy and a method of consultancy to widen the horizons of the practitioner.

Why Supervision?

The IACP sees supervision as vital to the process and ongoing maintenance of a Counsellor/Psychotherapist’s competency and continued accreditation.  All IACP Members working as Counsellor/Psychotherapists are bound by the IACP Code of Ethics and Practice to monitor their work through regular Supervision to ensure that their standard of Counselling/Psychotherapy is competent and continues to develop.

If you are experiencing difficulties and would like to explore them in a safe non-judgemental environment please contact Nancy at her practice in Dungarvan. 

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