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Adolescent Counselling

Nancy has alot of experience working with young adults and teenagers. The following outlines some techniques Nancy uses in her practice in Dungarvan while working with teenagers.


While working with adolescents Nancy use's a proactive approach that integrates solution focused techniques along with more creative therapies. This allows for teenagers and young adults to find solutions to their problems. Teenagers can then begin to understand how to resolve difficulties they may have. Counselling for teenagers develops life long learning skills to cope with stress, anxiety and builds their confidence and resilience.

What issues can counselling help teenagers / Adolescents with?

  • Low self-esteem

  • Confidence building

  • Depression / Low-mood

  • Anxiety / Panic attacks / OCD

  • Bullying

  • Stress

  • Anger management

  • Bereavement counselling

  • Suicide intervention

  • Sexuality 

  • Gender Issues

  • Relationships / Friendships

  • School related Issues

If you are experiencing difficulties in any of the aforementioned areas and would like to explore them in a safe non-judgemental environment please contact Nancy at her practice in Dungarvan. 

Sandspace with Adolescents

Sandspace is a unique approach to working with adolescents. The sand world can bring healing and insight, offering a dynamic mode of relating which enriches contact process between aspects of self-experience which are often compartmentalised in the adolescent’s
developing awareness. The adolescent’s life space becomes visible, tangible and three-dimensional in the sand.
This dynamic way of working also creates additional richness and depth to
therapeutic contact

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